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HR Professionals, have you heard about SOMEPLACE BETTER?

    February 12, 2016

    The Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce and Sheboygan Economic Development Corporation have partnered to develop an impressive relocation campaign to promote relocation to our beautiful community.  As HR professionals who recruit for talent outside the area, this is a great resource for selling our community. SOMEPLACE BETTER offers better housing, better schools, better parks and so much more.  Please make sure to share this link with your applicants...spread the word!

    For Sheboygan County Employers, the employer kit is the answer to your prayers when it comes to promotion of the area.  This employer toolkit may be used by any company looking to fill open positions in Sheboygan County.  Post pictures and facts to your websites to help promote our community. Here is the link to the employer tooklit with great talking points on how to sell the area while on the phone with candidates to great pictures you can add to your wesbite.  Let's help recruit top talent from around the world to   SOMEPLACE BETTER!