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Something New, Something Exciting

    Hello Chapter SA-SHRM members:

    A new year has begun and we are looking to make this a fabulous HR year!  One of the projects for our incoming 2016 Board is for our Communications Committee(soon to be organized)  to identify how our website can become a robust and useful resource for all of our members.    

    In the past few years, chapter members were encourage to set up user accounts on this website. The intent was to create a Member Only section for resources/membership lists, etc.  This Member Only section is something that we may consider in the future; however we are not quite there yet.

    Stay Tuned for an updated look and content.

    If you have any ideas on what content you would like us to include, send Barb Hamann, Communication Director an email at  I would love to hear from you!



    Member Comments

    Chapter members-We would love to see some activity on our blog.  Who is ready?