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About Us

    Coming together as an HR community and providing tools, resources, learning for your ultimate success, that is our purpose. 

    We have a proud heritage of serving as a local resource for professionals like you to address your HR needs.  What better way to stay up on trends, share best practices, receive policy advice and most importantly, strengthen your HR networks right here in our Sheboygan County area.  FYI:  SA-SHRM, is short for Sheboygan Area-SHRM.  This is our designated affiliation name with SHRM.  

    We collectively advance our profession by offering monthly meetings which promote educational opportunities and experiences. These programs purposefully have variety in order to expand our knowledge as well as give depth.  It doesn't matter if you are new to HR or a seasoned veteran, there is something for everyone.

    If you are an HR professional in the Sheboygan or the surrounding area and wish to visit one of our meetings to consider joining, please click on the Programs button that lists our meeting dates for the year and the next monthly topic. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact any of our Board Members as well. 

    We welcome feedback, comments and suggestions---feel free to send us an email. Thank you again for your interest in SA-SHRM.

    Mission Statement

    Through the efforts of committed volunteers and empowered staff, be a recognized work leader in human resource management by:

    • Providing high value, high quality, dynamic and responsive programs and service to our customers.
    • Being the voice of the profession on workplace issues.
    • Guiding the advancement of the human resource profession.

    Code of Ethics

    As a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, I pledge to:

    • Maintain the highest standards of the profession and personal conduct.
    • Strive for personal growth in the field of human resources management.
    • Support the Society’s goals and objectives for developing the human resource management profession.
    • Encourage my employer to make the fair and equitable treatment of all employees a primary concerns.
    • Strive to make my employer profitable both in monetary terms and through the support and encouragement of effective employment practices.
    • Instill in employees and the public sector a sense of confidence about the conduct and intentions of my employer.
    • Maintain loyalty to my employer and pursue its objectives in ways that are consistent with the public interest.
    • Uphold all laws and regulations relating to my employer’s activities.
    • Refrain from using my official positions, either regular or volunteer, to secure special privilege, gain or benefit for myself.
    • Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information.
    • Improve public understanding of the role of human resource management.

    This Code of Ethics for members of the Society for Human Resource Management has been adopted to promote and maintain the highest standards among its members. By joining the Society, a member espouses this Code, thereby assuring public confidence in the integrity and service of the human resource management professionals.